Advertiser 3rd Party Applications


Below you will find a collection of advertiser applications for the affilinet interface that have already been developed.

Please note that each program is the property of its respective developers. Affilinet offers no support or warranty on the listed applications.


intelliAd Bid Management
& Multichannel Tracking

developed by: intelliAd

As a neutral technology provider, IntelliAd offers an integrated platform for web tracking and 360 degree optimization for a variety of digital marketing channels. With intelliAd's Multichannel Tracking, the performance of channels like PPC, SEO, social media, display, direct traffic, price comparison engines, newsletter, affiliate marketing, TV and phone can be measured and the customer journey can be analyzed across these channels. In combination with the powerful Bid Management, agencies and advertisers can improve the performance of their online campaigns in the long-run and allocate their advertising budget efficiently. The intelliAd suite of online solutions is driven by innovative technological advancements and fast interpretation of market trends which are in turn developed into functional applications. Since July 2012 intelliAd is a company of Deutsche Post DHL.

System requirements:
  • Any device with a web browser and internet connection
  • minimum fee per month depends on product
  • monthly pricing depends on volume

CMS & Shop

Shopware affilinet’s
advanced Basket Tracking

developed by: ennovative

Unlike other plugins, affilinet’s advance basket tracking automatically transmits the category path of the purchased item to affilinet, so you do not have to maintain the category path manually for each item. This plugin also supports vouchers which can be redeemed by customers during checkout. In addition, the plugin is also suitable for sub-shops and allows you to have different configurations depending on the sub-shop. The plugin automatically transfers the following information to affilinet:
  • affilinet Advertiser ID
  • Order number
  • Currency
  • Order data (item number, product name, category path, amount of items, price, manufacturer)
  • up to 5 item properties

System requirements:
  • Shopware versions 4.0.0 – 4.3.6
  • Shopware versions 5.0.0 – 5.1.2
  • 39,00 EUR 12 months subscription inclusive

Plumrocket affiliate extension
for Magento

developed by: Plumrocket

With this Affiliate Programs extension from Plumrocket, that also supports affilinet integration, you will get the best experience in creating and managing your affiliate programs, as all the job with tracking codes installation will be done for you.

  • Integrate affilinet into your Magento store
  • Take advantage of Pay Per Sale and Pay Per Lead affiliate program types
  • Enable two or more affiliate programs on the same or multiple Magento store views

System requirements:
  • Magento 1.X Community Edition: 1.6.X - 1.9.X
  • Magento 1.X Enterprise Edition: 1.12.X - 1.14.X
  • Magento 2.X Community or Enterprise Edition: 2.X