The affilinet Browser Extension for Publishers is easy to install and provides a general overview of key information regarding your affilinet publisher account. The Extension is currently available for Chrome and Firefox.

Aside offering you a brief summary of your current revenue status, categorized by open, confirmed and cancelled orders, it is complimented with more detailed statistics about traffic and conversions by month or program.

The Extension enables you to sign up to affiliate programs whilst you are browsing the Internet. When visiting an advertisers' website the extension will notify you whether the website has an affiliate program with affilinet and offer you the opportunity to apply.

Shall you be browsing the website of an advertiser you already have a partnership with, you will be able to access the creatives and vouchers directly from the extension rather than the need to login into the affilinet publisher portal


  1. Status of turnover (confirmed, open, cancelled) like on the publisher start page
  2. Identification of websites which run a program at affilinet

  3. If there is no partnership
    Apply now button when surfing the website of an advertiser
    If there is an active partnership
    Get Creatives Get Vouchers button when surfing the website of an advertiser
  4. Statistics by day or program
    • # views and clicks
    • # open, confirmed and cancelled sales/leads
    • Sum of open and confirmed commission
  5. News - List of new programs, campaigns and vouchers
  6. Settings - to provide your publisher id and web service password to pull statistics & partnerships


  1. Download the affilinet Extension
  2. Install the Extension using Chrome or Firefox Add-on Manager
  3. Open your browser and click on Extension icon to provide Publisher ID and Webservice Password
    Your Publisher Webservice Password can be located within your Publisher Account under
    Solutions Web Services Access Data
  4. You are ready to go!