The affilinet Browser Extension for Publishers is easy to install and provides a general overview of key information regarding your affilinet publisher account. The Extension is currently available for Chrome and Firefox*.

Aside offering you a brief summary of your current revenue status, categorized by open, confirmed and cancelled orders, it is complimented with more detailed statistics about traffic and conversions by month or program.

The Extension enables you to sign up to affiliate programs whilst you are browsing the Internet. When visiting an advertisers' website the extension will notify you whether the website has an affiliate program with affilinet and offer you the opportunity to apply.

Shall you be browsing the website of an advertiser you already have a partnership with, you will be able to access the creatives and vouchers directly from the extension rather than the need to login into the affilinet publisher portal

*Note: publishing a new version of the WebExtension on the Firefox Extension Repository takes a lot of time (up to several months), due to checks performed by Mozilla. Therefore, the Firefox version available on the repository might not yet be the most recent one published by affilinet.



  1. Settings: Select your affilinet platform, provide publisher id and web service passwords to properly use the WebExtension
  2. Status of publisher commission generated (confirmed, open, cancelled)
  3. Statistics by day or program
    • # views and clicks
    • # open, confirmed and cancelled sales/leads
    • Sum of open and confirmed commission
  4. New Programs - List of new programs, campaigns and vouchers


  1. Identification of websites which run a program at affilinet. If there is no partnership
    Apply now button when surfing the website of an advertiser
    If there is an active partnership
    Deeplink or Standard Link, Creatives, Vouchers button when surfing the website of an advertiser
  2. Tracking Link: If you get a "Deeplink" vs. "Standard Link" Button depends on the fact if the respective advertiser was whitelisted for direkt Deeplinking. The Standard Link is a pre-configured link to the advertisers website while Deeplinks can be any page of the advertisers website you are just surfing on
  3. Creatives: Select a standard IAB size and download display creative ad-codes of an advertiser
  4. Vouchers: Promote an advertiser by using special offers/vouchers he currently provides


  1. Pin-It & Social Sharing: Memorize any image/website on a website by using the pin-it icon shown when hovering over any image or store the website as link in your like list. You can also share an image/website via Pinterest, Facebook, Google+ or Twitter
  2. Search & Discover: Easily search for retail products within our >100 mill. products, memorize them in your custom like lists or directly generate a widget
  3. Like Lists: Manage retail products you can generate a widget out of or manage memorized image pins/websites
  4. Widget Generator: Configure beautiful product widgets you can embed into your website


  1. Download the affilinet Extension
  2. Install the Extension using Chrome or Firefox Add-on Manager
  3. Open your browser and click on Extension icon to setup the WebExtension: select affilinet platform, provide publisher ID and your publisher and product data web service password
    Your web service passwords can be located within your publisher account under
    Solutions Web Services Access Data
  4. Press the "Save" button
  5. You are ready to go!


Watch the following Videos to learn how to use the WebExtension properly
  1. Intall the WebExtension
  2. Setup the WebExtension
  3. Panel Overview
  4. Manage Partnerships
  5. Generate trackable Deeplinks
  6. Use the Pin-It functionality
  7. Search & Discover
  8. Widget Generator