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2010-02-13 14:15
Mr Thomas
Search in categegories and its child-categories

I want to search in some categories and I want to get results not only from the categories listed as parameters, but even from categories, that are child (grandchild,...) categories of one of the categories in the parameter list.

e.g. I want to restrict search to categorie 'others > games', and I want to get results from 'others > games > boardgames' as well as from 'others > games > console > Wii > action'.
2010-02-16 09:46
affilinet GmbH
Joseph-Wild-Str. 20
81829  München
Re: Search in categegories and its child-categories

Hi Thooomas,

This functionality is available in the method SearchProductsInCategory: set the input parameter "IncludeChildNodes" to true to include the whole branch underneath the given CategoryId.

For performance reasons, we could not include this functionality in SearchProductsInCategories, where you can define a set of categories (as opposed of one single category in SearchProductsInCategory).

Kind regards - affilinet GmbH

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