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Listed below is a collection of applications for the affilinet API that have already been developed.

Please note that each program is property of its respective developer. affilinet does not provide any support or guarantee.

Deeplink Generator

This website can be used to automatically generate the correct tracking link for affilinet products. To get a deeplink for a specific product, you would normally have to log in to the publisher platform, download the whole CSV file, unpack it, find your desired product and copy the deeplink. The deeplink generator is a shortcut to save this tedious work. Further features:
  • direct link to the program signup if you don't have a partnership with a shop
  • overview over the most popular advertisers
  • overview over the most popular deeplinks
  • general information on how tracking links are built by affilinet and other affiliate networks (
Release: 2009-06-10
System requirements: none (external website)
License: free

Mobile Affiliate Stats

By: gjuce

Mobile Affiliate Stats offers simple reports for all XHTML MP capable devices such as mobile phones, PDAs, iPhones, Blackberries etc.

Currently and Zanox are supported, more to come. Reports and everything else is very easily configurable. The intelligent caching mechanism creates very fast and up to date reports as often as you want to. The software is fully working but we will add more features like an iPhone theme within the next months.

Release: 2009-03-05
System requirements: Webspace with PHP5 with SOAP support
License: freeware


iAffiliate enables you to monitor as many affilinet publisher accounts as you like on your iPhone or iPod Touch. You can get detailed account data, statistics and since version 1.5, you can also apply for the latest programs!

  • Account Overview:
    • Account balance (confirmed / open / cancelled)
    • Previous months (confirmed / open / cancelled)
    • Partnerships (active / waiting)
    • Payments (total / last)
  • Leads & Sales:
    • Current month (confirmed / open / cancelled)
    • Previous months (confirmed / open / cancelled)
  • Latest Programs:
    • List of all new programs
    • Program details
    • AutoApply Feature - Apply for partnership with just one click!
  • Statistics:
    • Detailed statistics per month
    • Details per day
    • Leads & Sales per day
  • Charts:
    • Views
    • Clicks
    • Sales & Leads (confirmed / open / cancelled)
  • Easy account setup:
    • You just need your affilinet PublisherId and your password!
    • No Webservice Password needed when entering your account data!
    • Will automatically generate a Webservice Password when not already present!
  • Supported languages:
    • German
    • English
    • French
    • Dutch
    • Spanish

One more thing...
... Push Notification: get an alert directly on your iPhone as soon as a Lead or Sale is recorded!
Release: 2009-03-03
System requirements: iPod Touch or iPhone with firmware 2.0 or higher
License: 2,99 EUR

To access this page, you need itunes.

Affiliate Overview

Affiliate-Overview is a Wordpress plugin, which uses the affilinet web services to create an overview over the publisher account on the Wordpress dashboard.

The plugin enables you to display...

  • the current account balance (open, confirmed, cancelled)
  • the account balance of the last months
  • information on the last payments
  • and the number of partnerships (active and waiting)
… in the wp admin.

Release: 2009-02-17
System requirements:
  • PHP5 or higher
  • SOAP
  • Wordpress (tested from version 2.6 onwards)
  • an affilinet publisher account
  • an affilinet publisher web service password
License: freeware

Gewinnspielbrowser (Sweepstake Browser)

The Gewinnspielbrowser is a program developed for consumers to take part in sweepstakes in the most comfortable way. It is offered (totally branded as wished) to webmasters and webmarketers, who do business with sweepstake marketing (such webmasters who run sweepstake sites or newsletters or doing business with SEM).
Release: 2009-02-01
System requirements: windows xp or vista
License: freeware
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Each program is property of its respective developer. affilinet does not provide any support or guarantee. Please refer to our terms & conditions for more information.

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