You have chosen the affilinet module for your Magento store. This module facilitates your daily work by integrating essential functionalities of our affilinet platform into your usual store.

Magento and the affilinet module

You have chosen the affilinet module for your Magento store. This module facilitates your daily work by integrating essential functionalities of our affilinet platform into your usual store.

The affilinet module enables you to integrate important affiliate marketing features into your Magento store. Affilinet presents performance marketing, an attractive, success-based payment model for users directed to your website, high quality, transparent tracking and reporting as well as a sales network with 500.000 publishers (website operators, promoting your products online). This module offers you new customer potentials to expand your reach.

Using this module offers you concretely:

  1. an easy providing of product data feeds to promote your products via dynamically generated ads
  2. retargeting of (non-purchasing) store visitors
  3. tracking of customers, which were directed to your store via affilinet
  4. publisher statistics display of generated clicks, leads and orders.

Besides the fully integrated process of affiliate marketing functionalities within the module, you can always login to the affilinet advertiser portal ( for using the additional affilinet options.

Please note! We don't provide technical or installation support regarding the module anymore.

Module use requirements

In addition to the Magento shop you need an affilinet account to use the module. If you already have an affilinet account, you can easily provide your affilinet programID (see also as well as your affilinet webservice login details (see also in the settings. Now you have access to all functionalities.

New clients can directly apply for an affilinet account via the registration tab.

Supported Magento editions

The affilinet module supports the following editions:

  1. Magento Community Edition versions 1.6, 1.7, 1.8
  2. Magento Enterprise Edition versions 1.11, 1.12, 1.13, 1.14

If you have further questions about supported Magento versions or problems with the installation, please contact our technical support.

Supported PHP versions

System requirements


Before the installation

  1. Make sure, that you fulfill the system requirements, which are necessary for the Magento system
  2. Make a backup of your Magento store and your database.
  3. Go to affilinet GitHub and download the affilinet extension:


  1. Deactivate the Magento Compiler System > Tools > Compilation > Disable
  2. Manually install the module by copying it via FTP.
    You can find more information about manual installations here and
  3. You will now find the affilinet extension in your list of installed extensions.

After the installation

  1. Go to System > Cache Management and clear your Magento cache.
  2. Logout of the Magento admin area and then login again
  3. Reactivate the Magento Compiler, if used before, under: System > Tools > Compilation
  4. The Magento cronjob system must be activated to use the product feed generator. Please follow the Magento Feed-Generator documentation for the set up.

The extension is now installed and you can start with the configuration.


Before the Upgrade

Make a backup of your Magento store and your database.

The Upgrade

  1. Select System > Magento Connect > Magento Connect Manager in the Magento admin session.
  2. Check for new upgrades:

  3. Wählen Sie die neue Version aus und starten Sie das Upgrade:

Module Overview

The affilinet module automatically integrates essential functionalities of the affilinet platform into your Magento store. Below you find an overview about configuration options that are available in the module.

  • Introduction
  • Registration
  • Settings
    • General settings
    • Tracking
    • Retargeting
    • Productdata feed
  • Feed-Generator
  • Orders
  • Statistics


Here you get general information about module installation, configuration and handling. Furthermore you can see the support contact details and access the support instruction.

Magento Backend > affilinet > Introduction


If you don’t have an affilinet account so far, you can easily apply for an affilinet account at any time under the tab "Registration".

Affilinet will check your application and will provide all necessary documents on acceptance.

Magento Backend > affilinet > Registration

General Settings

If you have already an affilinet account, you can start immediately. Enter your affilinet programID, your webservice login details as well as your company logo in the settings and choose your currency. For multi-store installations the configuration of the extension will be passed on, but can be adjusted individually for individual stores.

Use of Magento Multistores

You have the option to use Magento Multistore installations for the extension. As usual you can define the settings for different scopes. Specific website settings will be applied to the website store views. Magento Multistore installations provide very flexible configuration options, since all extension settings can be defined in the store view.

Logo upload

The maximum required logo size is 120 x 40 px. Bigger images will automatically be scaled to this size. Therefore we recommend only uploading logos with this size.

Please note: The currency of the German affilinet platform is Euro. If you define a foreign currency in the settings, the amounts will be converted in Euro (based on to the daily exchange rate) and accordingly displayed in the affilinet portal. Therefor the "currency conversion" must be activated by affilinet. Please contact the affilinet Support at

Magento Backend > affilinet > Settings

Basket Tracking

The affilinet basket tracking system allows you to submit shopping basket information on item level to affilinet. That information enables you to perform detailed statistical analyses and allows your publishers to optimize their marketing activities even further.

In the affilinet basket tracking system, we distinguish between baskets and basket items. Baskets can be confirmed and cancelled like regular transactions, but before you do this, you can update the contained basket items: you can update the quantity of single items or remove single items from the basket (e.g. if the article was returned by the customer); the publisher’s commission is automatically updated.

In order to evaluate the baskets even better, you can activate two additional tracking parameters (psub 1,2) in the cart tracking settings, which are only visible for the advertiser (you). You can specify whether you want to submit Magento default values as payment method or shipping method to be displayed in your statistics.

As product attributes you can submit additional parameters for the basket items as e. g. size, color, material etc.. These attributes will also be displayed in the publisher’s statistics for optimization purposes. Please transfer only data, which should be visible for publishers as well.

Magento Backend > affilinet > Settings > Cart tracking

Standard Sale Tracking

Tracking is the basis of affiliate marketing, enabling you to register your orders which have been generated by affilinet publishers.

Furthermore it enables the advertiser to pay a publisher commission also, if the customer buys not before the second or another shop visit within a certain time.

Magento Backend > affilinet > Settings > Tracking > Standard Tracking

Please note: The rates are submitted through affilinet webservices. If you didn't provide your affilinet webservice login data in the module area, no data will be delivered.


This technology enables you to re-address specifically interested customers. Potential customers, who left your online shop without a purchase, can be returned to your store via personalized ads (e. g. dynamic product banners). These ads will be displayed through affilinet retargeting publishers within their media reach.

Magento Backend > affilinet > Settings > Retargeting

In the settings area you find the Retargeting configuration, the possibility to activate retargeting as well as to configurate optional parameters.

Product datafeed

For many shop products, feeds must be generated within several steps.

Here you can define the number of products, which should be processed per step.

Magento Backend > affilinet > settings > Product Datafeed

Feed Generator

The feed generator creates an affilinet matching product feed, based on your Magento product database. You can check this feed in a few steps and submit it to affilinet. On the basis of this product datafeed publishers can build dynamic product ads and deliver them to specific target groups. So customers with a special product desire will come to your store.

  • Step 1 - Configuration: Besides the affilinet standard feed you are able to create publisher individual product datafeeds (e. g. for Valentine's Day, Easter or Christmas promotions).
  • Step 2 - Preview/Export: You can view the data of your feed, created in the first step, with a preview and generate a csv export.
  • Step 3 - Cronjob Settings: Here you can specify when the cronjob should start to create the configured product feed and place it on your server as csv file.
  • Step 4 - Finish: Feed name, feed logo, start time of the cronjob and the feed link will be displayed for checking. As soon as your data will be checked you can click the button "submit the feed to affilinet" and your data will be submitted.

The affilinet product data team will now check your feed and enable feed submission deferred to the defined setting terms. So your product datafeed is always up to date.

Magento Backend > affilinet > Product Data Feed

The feed generator provides various options for item feed configuration.

General Settings

Name, logo and CSV parameter.

There are additional feed filter options as "Filter active articles", "Filter active stock" and "Only one product variation".

Field/Content Selection

  • set column titels
  • Pre-/Suffix, to modify columns with a fix text
  • Database field selection
  • Concatenation to string different columns together
  • In expert mode: regular expressions to modify the field contents


  • Field-based filters with SQL-conditions


If and at what time the cronjob should be executed.

Filename, where the feed is placed.

Feed Submission

The feed can be submitted to affilinet.


This module area enables you to view all orders, generated by customers, who were directed to your website by affilinet publishers. You can search for periods, publishers, channels as well as individual oderIDs and their transaction status and confirm or cancel order commissions.

If the order commissions will not be edited (confirmed/canceled) within the contractually defined time period, orders will be confirmed automatically. Orders with CPC (cost-per-click) based commission for publishers are not shown by defeault, because the commission must be paid for the click on a banner and not for an occurred purchase (order).

Magento Backend > affilinet > Orders

Please note: The orders are submitted through affilinet webservices. If you didn't provide your affilinet webservice login data in the module area, no data will be delivered.


In the statistics module area you get an overview about the performance of your affilinet publishers. As well as for orders you can select in detail what information for what period should be displayed.

Based on your filter criteria the statistic displays the publisher URL as well as generated views, clicks, leads/sales and commissions.

Magento Backend > affilinet >Statistics

Please note: The statistics are submitted through affilinet webservices. If you didn’t provide your affilinet webservice login data in the module area, no data will be delivered.


Please note! We don't provide technical or installation support regarding the module anymore.