Oxid Module

You have chosen the affilinet module for your OXID eShop. This module facilitates your daily work by integrating essential functionalities of our affilinet platform into your usual store.

The affilinet module enables you to integrate important affiliate marketing features into your OXID eShop. Affilinet presents performance marketing, an attractive, success-based payment model for users directed to your website, high quality, transparent tracking and reporting as well as a sales network with 500.000 publishers (website operators, promoting your products online). This module offers you new customer potentials to expand your reach.

Using this module offers you concretely:

  1. an easy providing of product data feeds to promote your products via dynamically generated ads
  2. retargeting of (non-purchasing) store visitors
  3. tracking of customers, which were directed to your store via affilinet
  4. publisher statistics display of generated clicks, leads and orders.

Besides the fully integrated process of affiliate marketing functionalities within the module, you can always login to the affilinet advertiser portal (https://advertiser.affili.net) for using the additional affilinet options.