The affilinet Toolbar is quick to install and provides a general overview of key information regarding your affilinet publisher account. The toolbar offers you a brief summary of your current revenue status, categorized by open, confirmed and cancelled orders. The affilinet toolbar also summarizes your latest sales and leads and provides a detailed overview of the order details, program name, date and commission level. This is complimented with statistics for all sales and leads on a monthly basis and a transaction history.

The toolbar also enables you to sign up to affilinet affiliate programs whilst you are browsing the Internet. When visiting a merchants' website the Firefox toolbar will notify you whether the website has an affiliate program with affilinet and offer you the opportunity to apply.

Shall you be browsing the website of an advertiser you already have a partnership with, you will be able to access the creatives directly from the toolbar!


  1. Practical overview of turnover in the toolbar (confirmed, open, cancelled) like on the publisher start page
  2. Display of the currently registered Sales/Leads in the toolbar ("new Sales/Leads")
  3. Detailed overview of "New orders" per link including date, program name, order details, commission
  4. Overview of new programs and campaigns

  5. Apply now button when surfing the website of an advertiser (if there is no partnership)
    Get creatives button when surfing the website of an advertiser (if there is an active partnership)
  6. Statistics by day or program
    • Views and clicks
    • Open, confirmed and cancelled views and clicks
    • Open and confirmed commission


  1. Download the affilinet Firefox toolbar
  2. Install the toolbar using Firefox Add-on Manager
  3. Get your affilinet Publisher Webservice Password ready*
  4. Open your Firefox browser and log in using your Publisher ID and Webservice Password
  5. You are ready to go!
  6. *Your Publisher Webservice Password can be located within your Publisher Account under
    Solutions Web Services Access Data

    Toolbar disappeared after the installation?

    This is probably due to the fact that you have clicked on „x“ icon, which fades the toolbar from the browser.

    To restore the display of the toolbar in your browser, simply right-click in the upper right corner of the browser, next to the “Menu” icon. From the opened drop-down menu select the affilinet toolbar

    The toolbar will be displayed in your browser again