App Install
(deprecated, not in AppStore anymore)

To install the affilinet Publisher App you have to do the following steps:

  1. Open the App Store on your device and search for affilinet Publisher!

  2. Press install next to the icon.
  3. After the app has been installed, you can open the app.

Start and User Login

When you open the app for the first time, you will get a notification where you should decide wheather to allow in-app tracking.

To understand the visitors application usage even better and to improve features permanently, we integrated an internal tracking to track the user frequency of the application functionality.

Please note: There will always be an opt-out respectively an opt-in tracking option in the settings page. So you do not have to decide this for good!

In the next step there will appear a little popup, where you have to enter your publisher id and password.


You can add more than one account to the app. All accounts will be listed one after another on the start page. With the + symbol in the right upper corner you add a new publisher account.

As easy as accounts can be added, they can also be deleted. Therefore use the symbol at the top left of the site. Select the account to be deleted and press the corresponding button.

Your total account balance over all added publisher accounts will be displayed at the page bottom.

With the arrow symbol behind the publisher account you enter the account details.

You see the app navigation within the account:

  • Overview - Overview of transactions, payments and partnerships
  • Activity stream - Similar to the inbox in the publisher portal with news of advertisers (program info, partnership status and latest vouchers and promotions)
  • Programs - Program info with option to apply for an advertiser
  • Statistics - Display of daily statistics and statistics by program
  • Vouchers - Voucher tool as in the portal with different filter options
  • Settings - Configuration page of push notifications, currency settings, tracking and feedback options


The overview page provides data of the publisher's account balance, payments and partnerships.

By click on the red arrow on the right the details of the selected area will be displayed. As default there will be displayed the confirmed transactions sorted by date in a descending order. It is also possible to select open, cancelled and all transactions.

Account balance

This sector provides data of the current transactions and transactions of the last previous months.

Please note, that this data is similar to the publisher start page in the login portals.

The graph shows different charts:

  • Views (default display)
  • Clicks
  • Open transactions
  • Confirmed transactions
  • Canceled transactions

The data is based in registration date.


Within this sector all payments are listed one after another, sorted by date in a descending order.

If you click on one of the listed payments, more details (Gross Net, VAT, Date, Payment date, status) will be displayed.


The partnership sector shows you the amount of the publishers active as well as waiting partnerships.

If you click on one of the amounts, the corresponding advertisers will be listed.

Activity stream


The Activity stream provides news of advertisers, partnership changes and new vouchers published in the portal. Details of the single activity are displayed on the right side in the iPad app. In the iPhone app publisher can drag the details.


You have the option to filter for certain notifications within the activity stream. To set a filter you have to click on the corresponding news type.

You can see that a filter is activated by the red check mark next to the amount of the news type.


This sector provides details and information about advertisers.


There are several filter options to display selected advertisers. You find the same filter options as in the publisher frontend.

  • Program filter
    • Partnership Status
    • Classification
    • Program Offering
  • Category filter
    • All
    • New

It is also possible to search for advertisers whether by name or by publisher id within the search field on the top.

Program information

If you click on an advertiser, details are displayed.


The overview part shows different program settings as e.g. launch date and tracking method


Here publishers get information about existing commission rates of the advertiser as sale and lead rates.


From here you will be linked to different program related parts in the application as e.g. statistics per day or voucher offers.

Scrolling down the advertiser account details the advertiser description will be displayed.

Partnership status

On the right top of the advertiser details, the status of a publisher's partnership is displayed.

If a publisher doesn't have a partnership with a certain advertiser yet, he can apply directly via the publisher app.

After clicking the button, a notification appears, where the publisher has to accept the Terms & Conditions of the corresponding advertiser, before he can apply for a partnership with this advertiser. After accepting the T&Cs, the partnership status is 'waiting' until the advertiser has accepted the publisher.


Publishers can see their statistics by day or by program. The corresponding statistic details are displayed by click on the statistic details.

Statistics by day

Depending on the selected month, the daily statistics are displayed. By click on a certain day, more detailed information will be shown.

  • Overview - Shows e.g. open and confirmed revenue
  • Pay Per Click - Views and clicks
  • Sales / Leads - Contains gross links to the open, confirmed and canceled transactions

Statistics by program

Depending on the selected month, the program statistics are displayed. By click on a certain advertiser, the details will be shown.

Please note, the statistics are based on registration date, not confirmation date.


The publisher mobile app provides the affilinet voucher tool option where publishers can search for special vouchers.


Several filter options can be used to limit the pool of displayed vouchers. The filter options are similar to the publisher portal voucher filters.

  • Partnership Status - E.g. accepted, waiting and refused
  • Restrictions - Voucher code, voucher type and customer restrictions (e.g. all products or multi buy)
  • Minimum Order Value

There is an option to share a certain voucher code via different systems: via Email, via Twitter, open in Safari, Save QR Code. To use this option the share symbol on the right top corner has to be clicked.


The settings page provides general options regarding the publisher app.


Publishers can decide for which of the registered accounts they want to get push notifications.


The currency can be converted and publishers from UK can set British Pounds as currency. Publishers from Switzerland may select Swiss Franc (CHF). The selected currency will then be used to calculate all values according to the current exchange rate for all accounts.

Please note, that the publisher must activate the button "convert all values", if he wants to see all his earnings in the determinded currency.


If publishers have denied the activity tracking by starting the app, they have the opt-in option, if they have changed their minds about that. It also works the other way round (opt-out).


The publishers have the option to set a passcode for the app. The passcode must be entered and will be requested by App start to protect the app and the publisher data against access by third parties.

Set or enter passcode.


Publishers have the option to send different types of feedback to us. They can send general feedback, report bugs and request new features.

For every issue type a certain email address will be used.