Web service Overview


Make easy use of the full affilinet API. By using this API you can develop your own applications to make the use of affilinet as individual and automated as you need it to be. Interested in what you can do with the affilinet API? Simply go to “Applications” and take a look at what other developers have already programmed using affilinet web services.

Our web services mainly fall into 3 categories:

  1. services to access the affilinet product database with over 25 million products across Europe
  2. services to access all data of the affilinet publisher account
  3. services through which advertisers can automate their interaction with our database. If you would like to obtain detailed information or documentation on this service, please contact your account manager.

NEW: Product Web Service version 3

This new version will eventually replace the previous versions of our product web service, but currently all versions are supported in parallel. We set up a page with an overview of the new features and below, you can access the documentation for each single method: Below you find the list of all our product and publisher web services, together with their methods. Click on a method name in order to receive detailed information on that method (e.g. the documentation, a form for sample requests, the user forum etc.).

Logon web service

Each request to an affilinet web service requires an authentification token, which is valid for 20 minutes. With this web service, you can get it and you can check how much longer it is valid.

Demo DB:https://developer-api.affili.net/V2.0/Logon.svc?wsdl
Live DB:https://api.affili.net/V2.0/Logon.svc?wsdl

  • Logon: for a given publisher-ID and web service password, this method returns an authentification token, which is necessary for all other web service requests. Each token is valid for 20 minutes.
  • GetIdentifierExpiration: when you have a logon token, this method lets you find out how much longer you can use it before it expires.

Product web service

Access millions of products with our product web services. You can use the product web services to run queries on the product data, download the category structure of a shop, get a list of all accessible shops and their offers, and much more.

Demo DB:https://developer-api.affili.net/V2.0/ProductServices.svc?wsdl
Live DB:https://api.affili.net/V2.0/ProductServices.svc?wsdl

Account web service

The account web services are an easy access to all information of an affilinet publisher account. By using this data, publishers are brought up-to-speed on all news of their partnerships, important changes of commissions and a general overview of their account.

Demo DB:https://developer-api.affili.net/V2.0/AccountService.svc?wsdl
Live DB:https://api.affili.net/V2.0/AccountService.svc?wsdl

  • GetLinkedAccounts: returns a list of linked publisher accounts for a specified publisher.
  • GetPublisherSummary: generates an overview similar to that on the start page of the publisher area on the affilinet portal.
  • GetPayments: returns a list of payments for a specified publisher in a given time span.

Creative web service

This is a collection of methods, with which you can access the creatives which the advertisers have created for you.

Demo DB:https://developer-api.affili.net/V2.0/PublisherCreative.svc?wsdl
Live DB:https://api.affili.net/V2.0/PublisherCreative.svc?wsdl

  • GetCreativeCategories: advertisers organize their creatives in categories. This method delivers these categories for you to process further.
  • SearchCreatives: returns a list of creatives, which match given search criteria.

Inbox web service

affilinet has a mailbox for each publisher, which collects messages from the advertisers, rate change notifications, partnership status updates and other kinds of messages. This collection of methods lets you manage that mailbox.

Demo DB:https://developer-api.affili.net/V2.0/PublisherInbox.svc?wsdl
Live DB:https://api.affili.net/V2.0/PublisherInbox.svc?wsdl

  • GetProgramInfoMessages: with this method, you can receive the individual messages, which advertisers send their publishers.
  • GetProgramStatusMessages: retrieves the program status messages from the publisher's inbox.
  • GetRateChanges: retrieves the messages from the publisher's inbox, which announce changes of one of their remuneration rates.
  • GetVoucherCodes: Several advertisers publish voucher codes, which grant a certain rebate to their customers. With this method, you can receive the voucher codes which match certain search criteria.
  • SearchVoucherCodes: This is the successor of GetVouchercodes and will replace it after some time. Has more filter criteria and returns more detailed information.
  • SetMessageStatus: This method is used to change the status of a message for a specified publisher. Please note that once a message is set to "deleted" its status cannot be canged any more.

Program list web service

With about 2000 programs across Europe affilinet offers a breadth of programs to choose from for each publisher. The program web services ease the search for new programs using a defined set of criteria. In addition, new programs can be found easily as well as programs allowing certain ad formats, commissions and the like.

Demo DB:https://developer-api.affili.net/V2.0/PublisherProgram.svc?wsdl
Live DB:https://api.affili.net/V2.0/PublisherProgram.svc?wsdl

Statistics web service

The statistic web services provide the core data of a publisher account. By using this data, publishers can run reports, drill down into the performance of a single program or into their traffic structure via affilinet Sub-IDs. Statistical web services are especially handy for publishers with a huge volume of traffic and related transactions in the affilinet platform.

Demo DB:https://developer-api.affili.net/V2.0/PublisherStatistics.svc?wsdl
Live DB:https://api.affili.net/V2.0/PublisherStatistics.svc?wsdl


Search web services


The code

We make development with affilinet as easy as possible:

All affilinet web services can be addressed using the SOAP protocol. You can submit test requests on this portal in a form and see the returned XML. To make it easier for you, we have also prepared sample codes in

  • PHP
  • .NET

Feel free to copy & paste the code into your software. We have prepared a set of test data for you, so you can make requests without having to be an affilinet publisher. A reference for this test data is available here.

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