With the affilinet WordPress Performance Plugin publishers can integrate our data driven advertising and automated ad display technology into their WordPress platform to serve their users real time, targeted ads.

Functional overview

On you also find information about installation and download vesrions

Plugin functionality

  • Registration
  • Settings
  • Reports
  • Performance Plugin Integration
    • Page Footer
    • Page Panel
    • Intext Placement


If you want to integrate an affilinet Performance Ads creative via WordPress Module, please follow these steps:

  1. Login to your WordPress Account/Admin Panel
  2. Go to Plugins -> Ad New in the side navigation and search for “affilinet“
  3. Press “install now” and install the widget. Afterwards you will find it in your installed plugins list
  4. In the next step you just have to activate the plugin under Installed Plugins
  5. Go to affilinet -> Settings in the side navigation and choose the corresponding platform, enter your publisher id and your webservice password to display reports.
  6. Please note, that there will be a notification displayed, if there is no active partnership with affilinet Performance Ads!

  7. You can now integrate the banners on your WordPress Website


If you don’t have a publisher account on the affilinet platform yet, you can set up an account via the plugin in the navigation point “Signup”.

Please note, that the signup form will disappear from the menue as soon, as you entered a valid publisher id on the settings page.

To create a publisher account at affilinet go to “Signup” in the navigation and select your country platform you want to set up an account. Fill in all necessary data in the displayed signup form and provide a short description of your website content and an outline of your activities as a publisher.

Please note, that you automatically apply for Performance Ads via the Signup form.

Before you send data to affilinet, you have to accept the terms and conditions and to agree to the SEM restrictions.

Type in the required Captcha-Code in the offered field and press “create publisher account”. If you have forgotten to enter mandatory data, you will get a notification, which fields are missing. In this case please enter the requested data and press the button again.

You will get an email for account activation immedialtely. Please click on the provided link to activate your account and to complete the application process. Once your account has been activated you will receive another email containing your publisher id, which can be used to log in along with your password. There will also be provided a support contact in case of any problems.

Your account will get a final check by the affilinet team within 24 hours after activation.


After widget activation and an already existing affilinet publisher account, you have to enter your publisher data in the affilinet settings. To have any reports displayed you have to additionally enter your webservice password.

After saving your settings, you get a success notification, if you already have an active partnership with affilinet Performance Ads

If you don’t have a webservice password yet, please login to your publisher account in the affilinet publisher portal to activate the statistic webservices. You will find your password later in the “Access data” under “Solutions”.

Please note, that you will need your “Publisher Webservice Password”.


In the navigation under “Reporting” you will see your tracked orders via the Performance Ads program. The report gives an overview about generated views, clicks, sales/leads (open, confirmed, declined) and publisher commission (open, confirmed).

Select a month and a year and press “Show Report”.


To use the widget and to integrate ads into your website you need an active partnership with the Performance Ads program. If you don’t have a partnership, you get a notification after you entered your publisher data. Click on the link within the notification and login to the portal.

You will be linked to the Performance Ads description page, where you can apply for the program.

You have different options for ad integration on your website.

Page panel or page footer

For integration in the page panel select Appearance -> Widgets in the side navigation, select the affilinet widget and move it whether per drag and drop to the website areas (page footer/page panel) or select the area and click "Add Widget"!

Open the affilinet Performance Ads, select one of the offered ad-formats in the dropdown and save your settings.

Intext placement

For intext-placements go to the article editor and open the article you want to integrate a banner. Click on the area in the text and select the affilinet widget in menu bar by choosing an ad-format. Save your settings!

The ad will appear in your text in the visual display.

You can see the results how they will look like in page pre-view.

About the Plugin

In order to simplify and automate affiliate marketing for publishers, affilinet provides plugins/extensions to standard blog and CMS systems to

  • Simplify the integration of ad-codes
  • Offer flexibility amending these codes when needed
  • Enhance the options for targeting due to intelligent ad delivery

Since WordPress is a standardized system to build longtail websites, providing an affilinet plugin/extension/module for this system is key to affilinet to strengthen its position as affiliate marketing network for longtail publishers.

Within the WordPress system, affilinet provides its Peformance Ads product as an adcontainer solution to be placed into a publisher’s WordPress pages via the modules widget functionality.

WordPress users can simply select, install and activate the affilinet plugin. Before choosing merely an adequate ad-format, affilinet Performance Ads can be placed on the WordPress website without complicated code integration. There are options to place Performance Ads banners on several parts of the website as the page footer, panel or intext-placement.


Performance Ads allows publishers to take just one ad code per ad unit on their site, it then uses intelligent, data-driven, customer-led targeting to serve the right message, at the right time, to the right person.

Performance Ads, offers banners (display ad formats) in most of the industry standard sizes, which means creative will be available from the maximum number of advertisers. Brands working with affilinet run campaigns on a CPM, CPC and a CPA basis, meaning publishers’ ad slots can be automatically optimised to make them the most money possible from their campaigns. Many of these banners will be targeted based on user behaviour and feature prices where possible, so engagement will be higher than other market solutions. As Performance Ads are based on evaluated user profiles, banners may not suit your website content.